Maha bewerkt


Model Maha Zaou comes from Tilburg a small city in the South of Netherlands nearby the Belgium border. She is from Moroccan origin, from the city of Marrakech. Known for years as a plus size model, Maha Zaou has become a popular international caftan model after losing 51 kilo’s. Maha started her modeling career at the age of 21, after a friend who has been already in the model business invited Maha to a plus size fashion show. Before her first fashion show Maha assisted backstage and had planned to become a fashion designer.

Beyond Modeling

Although Maha found model chances through her physical appearance, the brown-haired, brown-eyed Maha first distinguished herself throughout her intellectual attributes. She was a fine student, speaks 5 different languages and is a self-made business woman with a credit management degree and a degree in commercial economics. The widespread appeal of Maha lay in looks that appealed to both men and women. Her body, with its classic measurements without being too skinny attracted men, while her all-Arabian looks and ” Maha Zaou smile” trademark  stopped her short of seeming an unattainable ideal of perfect beauty, and thus she was not threatening to women.

From plus size MODEL to the CAFTAN business

Maha Zaou stepped off the remote pedestal of a mannequin or a glamorous cover girl when she began to assert her personality before the public. She gave interviews in which she discussed her food addiction, weight problems gastric bypass, and the trauma of her mother’s young death from aggressive leukemia. These confessions humanized her image and made her approachable. Maha re-entered the model business with a revealing cover on MIJN GEHEIM  magazine. The Maha Zaou edition was supported with a special designed slogan ” OBESE IS A SILENT KILLER BUT YOU CAN KILL OBESE ” and readers all over the country,  send in photos with themselves and the Maha Zaou cover, acknowledging their support  to people who are dealing with the obese illness.

Maha Zaou & The Dutch-Moroccan media scene

Although Maha is a popular model in the caftan scene she has been participating in  the biggest fashion shows viewed  by an average of a 40 million public, in North Africa and Middle East countries. The Moroccan media  community in The Netherlands doesn’t publish any work of Maha Zaou. Because of Maha’s strong personality, honest  but very direct approach, Maha is also  known as the “l’enfant terrible” within the Dutch Moroccan media scene. When a reporter did a catch up interview, Maha responded with a famous Rhett Butler quote from the movie gone with the wind. “Frankly I don’t give a damn my dear, what the micro Moroccan media community in Holland thinks about me, to me success is a journey not a destination”. Until this day Maha Zaou has the most published magazine covers within the Moroccan model scene in Europe. She doesn’t feel like an outcast “there is room enough for everybody’s ego” Maha Zaou finished the interview. 

Maha Zaou & friends, from fashionista to columnista

The Maha Zaou phenomenon continued with her involvement in creating and producing her own photo shoots , fashion shows under the brand ” Maha Zaou & Friends “. Maha stood at the forefront of this insurgence inspired by the famous Dutch “Loesje” street prints.  Maha Zaou & Friends stroke into social media like an arrow, within 3 weeks the page is being followed with thousands of followers.  Exploring other opportunities Maha Zaou is also a talented writer, she writes a 2-weekly popular fashion article for YOUR WAY OF LIFE, the biggest online magazine glossy of the Benelux with 65.000 readers.

Personal Life

Shortly after 51 kilo weight loss and re-entering the model business, Maha’s single life took another turn. Man  approached her from all sides with their interest. While still struggling with personal challenges of accepting her new body and not being marked as the chubby girl anymore. The instant overload of male attention overwhelmed her. The usual very outgoing Maha took a more secluded life. With help of a personal trainer and life coach, Maha Zaou reprised her role as an independed, strong, intelligent and beautiful young woman. She is ready to open her heart. Maha likes music of Nick Cave, Sisters of Mercy, Ragheb Alama and famous Dutch singer André Hazes. Next to her passion for fashion, writing and cooking, Maha takes full chance of what life has to offer her. A star is born, a star is rising, but most of all a star is always shining. Maha Zaou feels blessed when she star shines on the set at a photo shoot or when she star rocks the runway.